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1964 - What a good year!

Stumbled across a 1964, yes 1964, Newmarket Secondary Modern School Photo
What a little squirt I was, and what whacky hair. I was a few weeks off being 16 years old and was the smallest in the class I reckon. Two years later I was 6ft 3" and was working in a pub, honest!

The image displayed is a much reduced version, but if you would like a full blown copy click on the picture and a much higher resolution image will appear, be warned it is about 4Mb, right click and pick "Save Picture As" if you would like a copy.

Original Photograph by Panora Ltd. The rights of the copyright holder is acknowledged, but it is believed that copyright lapsed when Panora Ltd was dissolved in 1989. If this is not the case, would the present copyright holder please contact the author so that an application for waiver can be made.

Or if you can stand it, click on the thumbnails below to see a large slice with names added! (they open in a seperate window that can be zoomed depending on browser used)
Apologies for the names I've got wrong or forgotten, everytime I look at it I remember more names.

I found another ancient photo from I guess about 1960.
This is of Class 1L in the first year at the Secondary school. Our form teacher was Mr Rowe and I'm sure most people will recognise themselves. The picture was taken in the main hall.
Click on the image to go to a slightly larger version if you wish