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Holiday Snaps

The links below are few albums of our holiday snaps in no particular order.

One of our favourite holiday destinations - Sunny Hunny - Hunstanton!
Click on the links below to view a couple of stand alone slide shows, but please be aware that the files are really too large for downloading via a dial-up connection and I would suggest that it is only suitable for broadband users.
The black labrador featured is called Max, Maximillian, Maxwell and other less favourable names. Officially he is my daughter's dog but we share him. As you will see he loves the water, it's a pity he hates being in cars
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Max has a paddle! (15Mb)

Hunny Day! (8Mb)
The lovely village of Broadway in the Cotswolds where I stayed for a couple of days in 2008 during a painting holiday. I stayed in the delightful Crown & Trumpet pub which is featured in the album.
Broadway June 2008
Portsmouth taken whilst waiting for my wife to sail into port, back from one of her tallship voyages. What a cracking couple of days, weatherwise.
Portsmouth 2008