Welcome to Slicentime! Welcome to Slicentime!

The inspiration for this website was to 'record' the streets of Newmarket in Millenium year with the intention of adding more every year which is where the name Slice n Time came from.
I did manage to cover most of the town, but it was soon apparent just how boring that could be if it became a website and just how much it would involve.
I still endeavour to take a snapshot of every building in the highstreet once a year as this could be marginally interesting to look back and see the changes year to year.
Having a website dedicated to showing Newmarket High Street year on year could be up for the most boring nerdlike site in the world. So I have expanded the scope into a miscellaneous collection of images, recollections and memories all of which are actually slices in time. Click on the links to the left to go the areas that may be of interest!
I hope to expand its scope over time!