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Past Newmarket

One or two pictures from the past.

The picture below is from the late 60s around 1967. I guess it was a Monday just before Christmas because Whipps the fishmonger's were closed and the street lighting has got the Christmas lights attached. Fishmongers and Fish and Chip shops always used to be closed on Mondays because the trawlers didnt go out on Sunday. (Of course I might be completely wrong, because it might have been the time just after Whipps had closed down - I dont think so though!)
A couple of questions for you?

What was the name of the shop next to Dewhurst's? Was it Smiths the dry cleaners

Is Steele & Griffiths the correct name or was it "Leeder & Griffiths" or something else?
It had a very distinctive frontage. Comprising of two curved windows either side of a central passageway which had a curved glassed island that you had to walk round to get to the front door. I believe the shop had already closed down at the time of this photo because one or two years earlier the Secondary and Grammar Schools (became the Upper School and now called something grander) had used the shop for a charity sale and it was already closed then, honest. (not because we had the sale there)
I was involved with that sale and remember exploring all over the building. We found a 'secret' stairway that had cupboards for entrances, but I cant remember if it was between the ground and first floor or between the first floor and the attic.

This is an aerial picture from around 1950 I think.

A very large copy (6Mb) of this photo is here
My guess at around 1950 or 1951 is based on the embryonic Houldsworth Valley School in the early stages of being built towards the top right hand corner, I believe the school opened in 1952. Behind the school the first few houses in the 'Houldsworth Valley Estate' one of the first blocks to be built were 25 - 28 Rowley Drive, I lived in number 25 from when it was new and I was very little, (3 years old I think) for many years.
So much is so very different.
The picture does show what an iconic and large structure the Carlton was in the high street, its frontage was not particularly wide but it is surprising just how far it went back and spread sideways. Other noteable differences are:
The Depot Field and Nissan huts replaced by the Churchill Court 'development'
Icewell hill replaced by the 'flats
The delightful St Mary's Square as was.
The idiosyncratic Rookery replaced by the hideous monstrosity formally known as the Rookery Shopping Precinct, what a wonderful shopping area this would be now if it had escaped the 1970's vandalism, all those small higgledy piggledy lanes and houses
Remember the hangers on the heath, can just be seen at the very top right corner of the photo?